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How do I choose?

With so many photographers available to choose from, how do you decide who is right for you and your wedding?  It’s important to consider a number of things when looking for a wedding photographer for your big day.

The first and most important thing is to work out what products you want.  Many photographers offer a traditional style album however there are lots of other products and options available. 

Products such as coffee table books provide a great alternative to an album and with the majority cheaper to produce in multiples (for parents for example) and to replace if there is ever an accident with the original, you can feel comfortable letting friends look through them.

Some photographers also offer digital images as part of their package.  These are great to email to friends or family that were unable to attend and depending on the license agreement with the photographer, you can also print them yourself.

What part of the day would you like the photographer to attend?  Many will allow for a set period of time, ie.  5 hours, and you can determine how that is spent.  Depending on when your service is relative to the reception and how much time you want for formal photographs, this may affect the time you will need the photographer to attend.

Feeling comfortable and having a rapport with your photographer can also greatly influence how relaxed the day is.  Some photographers offer pre wedding shoots which allow you to experience time in front of the camera and provide a great opportunity for you to get to know and feel comfortable with your photographer.

Although every wedding has a budget, We would recommend that price be the last thing considered.  Once you have narrowed down the products you like, worked out the length of time the photographer is required, found a number of photographers whose style you like, then it’s time to find a photographer that fits with your budget.

Remember that photographers get booked quickly.  Why not start looking now?

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